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GameMe Status

GameMe is integrated into ATutor 2.2.4. For earlier versions of ATutor clone or download GameMe from Github, and install it with the ATutor Module Manager.


To clone GameMe, find your way to the mods/ directory in ATutor, and at the command prompt, assuming your system has Git installed, issue the following command:

git clone

If you prefer working with Git through a desktop application, try SourceTree

Installation for ATutor < 2.2.4

See the Installing and Using ATutor GameMe video, below.

GameMe Documentation

GameMe 1.0 Administrator Documentation

GameMe 1.0 Instructor Documentation

Gamifying ATutor Courses

Using ATutor GameMe (for everyone)

Gamification Base


Originally cloned from:

Module Code

ATutor module repository: gameme



  • Create and maintain default game elements: events, levels, and badges
  • Enable/Disable instructor customizing of default game elements


  • Customize course specific game elements: events, levels, and badges (if enabled)
  • Enable/Disable game elements within courses
  • Review user partcipation and accomplishments


  • Earn points with course participation and progress through levels
  • Collect badges for course accomplishments
  • Receive alerts by email when badges and levels are issued
  • Review activity log, strategize for points and badges, and compete with classmates
  • View points, badges, and levels in the GameMe Student Panel or in a side-menu block

Default Badges (v 1.0)

There are 26 Default Badges that come with GameMe 1.0, any of which can be edited at the system level by the administrator, and at the course level by instructors.

Badge id
Reach Repetitions


profile_view_badge 10
2 profile_viewed_badge 25
3 profile_pic_upload_badge 1
4 prefs_update_badge 1
5 read_page_badge 25
6 new_folder_badge 5
7 upload_file_badge 5
8 create_file_badge 2
9 forum_view_badge 50
10 forum_post_badge 10
11 forum_reply_badge 10
12 blog_add_badge 10
13 blog_comment_badge 5
14 chat_login_badge 10
15 chat_post_badge 10
16 link_add_badge 5
17 photo_create_album_badge 1
18 photo_create_album_badge 3
19 photo_upload_badge 15
20 photo_comment_badge 5
21 photo_album_comment_badge 5
22 photo_description_badge 5
23 photo_alt_text 5
24 login_badge 25
25 logout_badge 5
26 welcome_badge 1

Default Events (v 1.0)

There are 38 Default Events that come with GameMe, each of which can be edited at the system level by the administrator, and at the course level by instructors.

1 login Login
2 profile_view Profile view other's
3 profile_viewed Profile viewed by others
4 sent_message Send a private message
5 profile_pic_upload Upload a profile picture
6 read_list_view View reading list details
7 prefs_update Update personal preferences
8 read_page Pages viewed
9 new_folder Create file storage folder
10 upload_file Upload to file storage
11 create_file Create file in file storage
12 file_comment Comment on a file storage file
13 file_description Provide description for file storage file
14 forum_view Forum discussions viewed
15 forum_post Forum posts
16 forum_reply Forum replies
17 read_time Page view time
18 blog_add Blob posts
19 blog_comment Blog comments
20 blog_view Blog views
21 blog_post_view Blog posts viewed
22 chat_login Chat login
23 chat_post Chat posts
24 link_add Links added
25 link_view Links followed
26 poll_post Polls posted
27 photo_create_album Photo album created
28 photo_upload Photo uploads
29 photo_view_album View photo album
30 photo_view_photo View photo
31 photo_comment Comment on a photo
32 photo_album_comment Comment on an album
33 photo_description Photo descriptions provided
34 photo_alt_text Photo Alt texts provided
35 photo_create_albums Photo albums created
36 NA NA
37 submit_test Submit a test or quiz
38 logout Logout (not timeout)
39 welcome First course login